Rock Frontman Arrested for Sexual Assault and Abuse of Child

Rock frontman Gabriel Gomez was reportedly arrested in March on charges of sexual assault and [...]

Rock frontman Gabriel Gomez was reportedly arrested in March on charges of sexual assault and abuse of a child. Gomez is the guitarist and vocalist for Ft. Worth, Texas rockers Leroy the Prophet, a band popular in their local music scene for many years, as per the Fort Worth Weekly. According to the outlet, Gomez was arrested and charged with sexual assault of a child under the age of 17 and sexual abuse of a child under 14. Both charges are in reference to one victim.

On April 7, the Fort Worth Weekly reported that Gomez had been released on $60,000 bond, which was reduced from $260,000 by a judge. The victim's family feels that Gomez is a flight-risk, however, and their mother issued a lengthy statement to the news outlet expressing her frustration. "Every crime committed should carry its own bond," she told Fort Worth Weekly reporter Anthony Mariani. "If you commit one crime, you receive one charge and one bond, so if you commit 20, 30, or 40 crimes, why wouldn't you receive the equivalent number of bonds? Especially when it involves crimes against children?!"

The mother, who asked to remain anonymous, went on to say, "That methodology would at least ensure the worst criminals have the hardest time getting out before trial while also protecting their victims. There is no valid explanation for this person to be walking the streets on a single $60,000 bond while someone with speeding tickets or a possession charge is sitting in jail with a $150,000 bond. I have complete faith in the [DA's office], and I realize this is out of their hands. But our system is broken, and this sends a very clear and terrible message to all predators in Texas: If you're going to commit one crime, you might as well commit 20."

A local Fort Worth musician who claims to have known Gomez for "close to 20 years" also spoke out but chose to keep their identity private. "He's dead to me," the musician said. "Man, it's pissed me off something fierce."

The musician added, "To think he was doing this right underneath all our noses is f—ed up. I'm just blown away, man." At this time, Gomez does not appear to have issued a comment on the charges he faces. His attorney, Dallas-based lawyer Clark Birdsall, also does not appear to have provided any comments to the press at this time.