RNC 2020: Christopher Meloni Mocks Matt Gaetz's 'Woketopians' Speech

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) did not win over actor Chris Meloni during his speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday night. The clip shared by Meloni on Twitter was of Gaetz's message about "woketopians." In it, Gaetz says, "The woketopians will settle for Biden because they will make him an extra in a movie written and produced and directed by others. It's a horror film really. They'll disarm you, empty the prisons and lock you in your homes and invite MS13 to live next door."

Gaetz found himself not just drawing the ire of Meloni, who wrote, "The choice is clear folks: Woketopia vs. Idiocracy. PS - if [your] MS13 I have a condo in Fla. to rent." Sons of Anarchy star Ron Pearlman frequently gets involved with political discussions on Twitter and didn't hold back after seeing Gaetz's speech. The actor wrote "what an a—hole" after seeing his message. To that, Gaetz countered back to Pearlman, "I'll put you down as a maybe."

As Gaetz continued on his speech, the 38-year-old called out celebrities and athletes, telling the audience not to let them "tell you otherwise" that America is not the best country in the world. In speaking about Trump, who accepted the party's bid for reelection on Monday, Gaetz praised him for raising his voice and causing a "ruckus" because "he knows what it takes to raise an army of patriots who love America and will protect her." He closed out his speech by showing his support of Trump one last time, noting that American-made is the way to go moving forward and that he "sees that strength every day" in Trump.


As for the RNC, which followed the Democratic National Convention from the week prior that saw Joe Biden accept the party's presidential bid alongside his running mate, Kamala Harris, the event has seen some controversy unfold. Hours before scheduled to speak, Mary Ann Mendoza, a supporter of Trump, was pulled from the lineup after tweets were discovered of her promoting anti-Semitic and QAnon conspiracy theories circulated.