Rescued Chimp Lights up in Delight After Reuniting With Foster Family

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami recently posted a video of a chimpanzee reuniting with its original foster family, and the video has gone viral as its melts the hearts of viewers.

The young chimp, Limbani, to a mother who broke three ribs while giving birth and rejected her baby after being unable to produce enough milk for him. He soon caught pneumonia and had to be kept under medical care for the first four months of his life.

While still growing, he was raised and treated to by Tania and Jorge Sanchez. According to the foundation, he now has the same overjoyed reaction every time he sees his old family.

"The pure excitement and joy when Limbani sees our close friends can only be appreciated if watched and heard," the foundation wrote while captioning the video. "[Tania Sanchez] and her husband, Jorge, who helped us raise and take on full around the clock care for the first few months of his life. Limbani, who was born with pneumonia was rejected by the mother. Without human intervention and modern medicine he wouldn't been here today."

"Tania and Jorge can go without seeing him for a couple months and his reaction is always the same," the post continued. "Limbani by far is the most loved of the entire ZWF family."

Limbani went viral back in February with another adorable video, this time showing him play with a 140-pound mastiff puppy named Bruno.

"A special bond that the chimpanzee has with Bruno is exceptional," his owner Mario Tabraue told The Miami Herald at the time. "It's beyond what I ever expected. The endearment between them is just incredible."


Tabraue owns a private zoo in southwest Miami-Dade.