Reddit Finds Perfect Motivational Workout Shirt

Reddit users found the perfect motivational shirt to wear to the gym. When you sweat, the text "You Can Go Home Now" appears on the shirt.

"Pretty cool motivational gym shirt idea," Reddit user GallowBoob posted on Sunday. The post has over 74,400 up votes and hundreds of comments.

"My shirt would tell me to go home on my walk to the gym," one person joked.

Another group of Reddit users joked about wearing the shirt in a warm state like Florida.

"'You can go home now' -But... I'm already in home, the A/C broke," one wrote. Another added, "Can confirm. Shirt would probably say 'You can go home now' when I am still in bed."

The Reddit user is not the person in the photo. He's a YouTube blogger who uses the name ThatBigGuy700. He posted the photo that appeared on Reddit on Nov. 24.

Last year, he started chronicling his efforts to lose weight. He started his journey at 700 lbs. and has lost over 150 pounds as of his latest weigh-in.

"The gym definitely kicked my ass today, but I wouldn't have it any other way," the Chicago resident wrote on Instagram. "This time last year I was in a totally different place & mind set. Today I feel like I'm heading in the right direction. Not just with my health, but with life in general. I'm not planning to stop any time soon. This is a life style, not a hobby."


You can buy the original "You Can Go Home Now" t-shirt from Get Sweatin'.

Photo: ThatBigGuy700/Instagram