Princess Diana's Former Astrologer Weighs in on Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton and This Is Bonkers

Princess Diana's former astrologer, Debbie Frank, has offered some insights into Meghan Markle and [...]

Princess Diana's former astrologer, Debbie Frank, has offered some insights into Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's star-based inclinations.

Markle and Middleton have been rumored to be at odds over the last year, and according to Frank, it was written in the stars. The astrologer spoke to Yahoo News' Royal Box, saying that she believes Markle and Middleton are "very different people" with "little in common."

According to Frank, Markle is a "firecracker" who is focused on her "brand." The Duchess of Sussex married Prince Harry last spring, joining the royal family with a whole lot of fanfare. However, there have been persistent rumors that she and Middleton are at odds.

This could be because Middleton is more "elegant and dignified," Frank said. She believes that the two duchesses have personalities that are just fundamentally at odds, and suggested that the beloved Princess Diana would have helped bridge the gap between them.

"Meghan is a complete firecracker of a girl - a throwback to the days of The Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. We've got a big showstopper there," Frank said. "A huge contrast with Kate, who's very elegant and very dignified."

Between them, Frank said Diana would have been a "great mother-in-law," adding: "She would have certainly helped everyone ease into royal life."

"Diana really warmed to people who were relaxed with her. Hopefully she could have got Kate to relax a bit more," Frank went on.

Frank began working with Princess Diana in 1989, when she was reportedly "going through a rough time." She suggested that the late princess was "very similar" to Markle, and that the two would have gotten along especially well. To her, it made sense that Prince William had sought out a partner like Middleton, who is different.

"Kate and William are opposite. He needs his own rock, his own steadying force," Frank said. "He's very sensitive and I think he actively didn't want to marry someone who was going to dissolve into a heap. Kate's strength is a source of sustenance for him."

In contrast, Frank said that Prince Harry is "a royal servant" who is "very devoted" to Markle.

"He would love to do everything he can for her," she said.

While there is no way to verify Frank's interpretations, it is true that Markle and Middleton have rarely been seen alone together. The two went to the Wimbledon tennis tournament together last summer, they typically stick with their husbands for royal appearances. Kensington Palace has dismissed the rumors of enmity between the two duchesses.