Playboy Club's Darkest Secrets Revealed by Former Employees

Lucie Eloise, a former croupier at the Playboy Club in West London, said working at the casino meant long hours, rude customers and dealing with constant flirting from men.

"You'd get constant flirting or men trying it on and making remarks," the 33-year-old told The Sun. "At the end of the day, the men are loaded and there are bunnies — it's extremes on both sides."

Eloise claimed she "partied with Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Anthony Joshua" at the club, located in London's upscale Mayfair. She said her bosses tried to help the bunnies on the casino floor, with secret microphones at the tables, a ban on cellphones and bouncers constantly roaming the floor.

Another former bunny who didn't want to be named told The Sun that the rich are "mostly debaucherous." She said she was a hostess at the club for two years.

"They want to take cocaine and have sex all night. I secretly slept with 50 members during my first year at the club. Everyone does it but nobody talks about it," the woman said. "One customer paid me and another bunny a six-figure sum to get naked and rub oil over each other's breasts at a party. After, we had a threesome. It was the best sex of my life."

Another woman, who told The Sun to call her "Alice Edwards," said the bunnies found "innovative ways" to hook up with clients they liked.

"We scribble down our numbers in lipstick on receipts, bank notes and serviettes and subtly slip them into clients' pockets. Or we would lean over a microphone to try to cover it," Edwards said. "Of course we want to date these men. They are some of the most powerful in London."

Edwards claimed a BBC producer once offered her £100,000 to sleep with him, but she declined the offer because "I didn't fancy him and I'm not a prostitute." She said the man was old enough to be her grandfather.

Edwards also told The Sun a politician asked her to have sex with him at his Westminster office. She declined that offer too, because she didn't recognize him.

Eloise and the other former employees spoke with The Sun after 25-year-old Victoria Jack told The Sun on Dec. 18 that she was fired for having an affair with a married customer. She claimed the man was a rich tycoon.

"I had felt like there was a future in this relationship, I thought we had something and that he was a decent guy. But he has caused me to lose my job," Jack said. "I now wish that he'd never approached me because I wouldn't be in this position."

Eloise told The Sun she wasn't surprised to hear that an employee was fired for having a relationship with a customer since that almost happened to her.

"Bosses told me I would be fired if I did it again. The security is so tight, it's like Big Brother," she said.


Photo credit: Twitter/ Lucie Eloise