Plane Passenger Helps Woman Having Seizure in Middle of Flight

A "hero" plane passenger recently helped save a woman who began having a seizure in the middle of a flight.

As reported by WCPO, the flight took off from Houston, Texas and was headed for Cincinnati, Ohio when the unidentified woman began to experience the terrifying episode.

Amy Hammond, a woman who was on the flight, told the outlet that the woman first began seizing during the plane's accent, and that a man who identified himself as a fireman took control of the situation.

She explained that the man stayed with the woman and the child she was traveling with for the duration of the flight and kept her breathing through her multiple seizures.

The fireman was reportedly advised to stay in his seat by the flight staff, but when no one with medical training came forward he opted to take the lead and makes sure the woman was looked after.

"He 100 percent kept the plane calm," Hammond stated. "He kept us calm because he was so in control."

She reportedly posted video from the flight on social media, and commented that she did not understand why the pilot didn't make an emergency landing.

"I was the last one off the plane. I voiced my anger about the decision not to land. The pilot said he made the decision. I told him we had to watch a young mom convulse and pass out over and over for 2 hours," she reportedly stated in her post.

The airline, Republic Airlines, has since commented on moment, with spokesperson Jon Austin providing a statement to, WCPO.

"This weekend, a customer experienced a medical issue aboard Republic Airlines flight 3466 operating as United Express between Houston and Cincinnati," Austin stated.

"While inflight, the customer received care by our crew with guidance from our on-call medical service as well as from a health care professional on board," he continued.


"The flight landed safely in Cincinnati where the aircraft was met by medical personnel and the passenger was transported to a local hospital," Austin concluded.

Aside from Hammond, no other passenger testimonials form the flight appear to have surfaced. There is also no word on if Republic Airlines plans to investigate the situation any further, specifically regarding the pilot's decision to not land. It is unclear if the airline's emergency landing policy is outlined to include any and all medical-related scenarios, or if they are simply at the pilot's discretion.