Motivation from the Mirror

IKEA motivational mirror
(Photo: The Telegraph)

What if we told you there was a way to receive a compliment every time you looked in the mirror? IKEA has done just that. The Swedish furniture retailer developed the "Motivational Mirror" that pays you a compliment every time you look at your reflection! So instead of seeing your flaws, you can see yourself in the positive manner that everyone else sees you in.

IKEA developed the mirror in Britain after seeing statistics about image insecurity and self-doubt in the UK. The company conducted research of morning routines and found that 49 percent of the participants don't receive any compliments during a given week, and 43.6 million Brits say they are self-conscious about the way they look.

The mirror, which bestows personalized compliments to those who look into its depths, is an interactive technology that uses Kinect motion sensor technology and complex coding to provide positive reinforcement. It issues compliments like "you eyes are glowing," "have you been working out?" and "that's a magnificent beard!", so it's not strictly for women either!

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IKEA motivational mirror
(Photo: Metro)

IKEA's study reports that 33 percent of the UK feels that they look their worst before 9 a.m. on a Monday morning. But the Motivational Mirror can give you the compliment you need to kickstart your day! No matter where you are geographically in the world, everyone could always use a compliment.


It is not clear if and when the mirror will be mass-produced and available in the US, but we can certainly keep our fingers crossed for the upcoming holidays! What better gift to receive (or give) than an endless self esteem booster?!

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