Mom Calls out Teacher Who Pierced Daughter's Ear: 'Maybe I Can Get the Help We Need'

A Pennsylvania mom was enraged after her daughter returned home from school with her ears newly pierced.

Karli Jones, 7, went to school on Dec. 16 with unpierced ears, but when she returned home later that day, her mother discovered that the little girl’s ears were newly pierced and bruised.

“Seriously f–ing pissed right now,” Amanda Jones wrote on Facebook. “My daughter went to school without pierced ears and came home with them pierced. The one side is bruised. She said one of the teachers did it.”

According to Jones, her daughter had her ears pierced when she was three, but has since let them close. She occasionally wears clip on earrings, but has never expressed an interest in getting them re-pierced. Jones claimed that her daughter’s ears had a “dent” in them from the previous piercing, but in order to put new earrings in, they would have had to have been forced and puncture the skin.

Jones attempted to file a report with police, but was told that she had to go through her daughter’s school since the incident occurred on school grounds. She said that she will be taking her daughter to the doctors to get tested since the teacher used earrings that didn’t belong to the seven-year-old. The earrings used have since been taken by school police as evidence.