Melania Trump to Reportedly Pen Memoir Based on Time in the White House

A Melania Trump memoir may be on the way, sources close to the first lady are saying. Insiders told The New York Post that Melania has been taking meetings with publishers, and may take a book deal to write about her White House experience. This comes as President Donald Trump himself continues to promote conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election and falsely claims he will still be in office in January.

"Melania is in meetings to write her White House memoir," the source told The Post's Page Six. "And it would be her money — a chance for her to earn on her own. I'm told her husband is encouraging her... She's not done or going as quietly as you might expect." The source also said that Melania's plans have at least something to do with her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and her recent tell-all Melania and Me.

"In the wake of Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's betrayal, in both print and on tape, Melania's story could be worth big money," the insider said. When Wolkoff's book was released in September, Melania denied much of its content, posting on a White House blog that Wolkoff is "a dishonest opportunist" who "clung" to their friendship for fame.

A Melania memoir would be expected to cover some of her most infamous first lady moments, such as the time when she visited a children's detention facility at the southern border wearing a jacket that read "I really don't care, do u?" There is also the coronavirus pandemic, Melania's personal infection, and that of her son.

Melania has a unique story to tell from before the Trump presidency as well, of course. Hailing from the Socialist Republic of Slovenia originally, she found success as a model, moving first to Europe and then to the U.S. in 1996. While working as a model in New York City, she met Donald Trump, who then divorced his second wife — model Marla Maples — and started a relationship with Melania, 24 years his junior.


Melania worked for Trump Model Management even before her personal relationship with the future president began and acquired permanent residency in the U.S. through her marriage to Trump. She remains one of the most mysterious figures in the Trump administration, with an unclear agenda as first lady and the seemingly broad slogan: "be best."

Melania's potential memoir remains a rumor in the publishing industry. Still, it is already gaining widespread attention on social media, where users are joking about what it might say and what it might be titled.