Marjorie Taylor Greene Controversial Las Vegas Shooting Video Resurfaces Amid Scrutiny

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the recently elected Republican representative for Georgia, has been the center of several controversies during her campaign and subsequent election. After campaigning on a "Save America! Stop Socialism!" slogan, one of Greene's first actions as an elected official was to file fruitless articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. Additionally, Greene has major ties to QAnon conspiracy theories, doxxing, and homophobia.

In the latest bit of controversy, footage from 2017 of Greene espousing conspiracy theories about the Las Vegas shooting are making the rounds. On October 1st, Nevada resident Stephen Paddock, 64, shot into the crowd at Route 91 Harvest music festival, resulting in the deaths of 60 people. Greene is seen claiming that the horrific event was orchestrated in order to advance gun control legislation. "I've got a question for you," Greene said. "How do you get avid gun owners, and people who support the Second Amendment, to give up their guns and go along with anti-gun legislation? How do you do that?"

In the video, Greene continued, positing that the country musical festival was targeted because most of attendees were right leaning. "Maybe you accomplish that by performing a mass shooting into a crowd that is very likely to be conservative, very likely to vote Republican, very likely to be Trump supporters, very likely to be pro-Second Amendment, and very likely to own guns," Greene says in the video. "You make them scared, you make them victims, and you change their mindset. And then, possibly, you can pass anti-gun legislation."

"Is that what happened in Las Vegas? Is that why the country music festival was targeted?," Greene questioned. "Are they trying to terrorize our mindset and change our minds about the Second Amendment? Is that what's going on here?"


This is hardly the first time that Greene took extreme positions surrounding gun control issues. A video came out in 2019 showing Greene harassing Parkland survivor and gun control activist David Hogg. "He's a coward," Greene says in the video. "He can't say one word because he can't defend his stance." She goes on a rant, claiming that the shooting was faked and that Hogg was paid off by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. People are calling for Greene's resignation, especially since she pushed conspiracy theories about election fraud that lead to the violent insurrection by former President Trump's followers at the Capitol Building.