M&M's Debuts New Color and Character — But It's Not Exactly What You Think

There's a new, colorful candy snack in town but it's not exactly what you think! Mars is nailing the branding game with the latest reinvention of its popular chocolate candy, M&Ms by adding another color and character to its roster, but there's a catch. Purple, the first female peanut M&M, was introduced on Wednesday, making her the first new M&M character in a decade. Unfortunately, fans will not get to eat purple M&M's out of bags you can buy from a supermarket just yet.

Purple is known for her "earnest self-expression" among her fellow M&M's, Mars said. She has "keen self-awareness, authenticity and confidence are the driving forces," which combine for a charming and quirky character. She was designed to "represent acceptance and inclusivity" and joins the updated M&M's characters introduced in January.

Mars also released a music video featuring Purple getting ready to join the other M&M's as the newest spokescandy. At first, she is a bit nervous and begins singing to herself about how worried she is. As she reaches the stage, Purple becomes more confident. "I'm just gonna be me," Purple sang. "I'm just gonna be me. Nothing else I can be but a purple-y, peanut-shaped chocolate candy."

Mars shared the song on streaming platforms, and the company plans to donate up to $500,000 to Sing for Hope for every stream. Sing for Hope is a nonprofit organization supporting creative outlets for people around the world. Mars is also donating up to $100,000 for each pack of limited edition "Long Live Montero" bags that were designed with Lil Nas X.

"Mars is thrilled to debut the newest member of the M&M'S cast of characters to the world. There is so much about our new spokescandy that people can relate to and appreciate, including her willingness to embrace her true self – our new character reminds us to celebrate what makes us unique," Jane Hwang, Global Vice President at Mars Wrigley, said in a statement. "Our purpose story is just getting started and the introduction of our newest M&M'S spokescandy is the next chapter, as the brand continues to delight fans with fun in a way only M&M'S can."


M&M's fans have been hoping for a Purple M&M for decades, but they will be a little disappointed by Mars' announcement. Hwang told CNN Business the Purple M&M will be featured in limited-edition packages and promotional material, but will not be widely available as real-world candy. People can buy purple M&M's online, an option that was available before the Purple character was introduced, but you still will not be able to buy bags of M&M's in stores with purple-colored candy. "We've heard for a long time that purple is certainly a consumer favorite," Hwang said.