M&M's Characters to Undergo Dramatic Change Amid Push for Inclusion

The M&M's characters are undergoing a major change to reflect diversity and inclusion around the world, Mars announced Thursday. The roster now includes two female M&M's, with the most radical changes to the female green M&M character. There will also be a new logo, one that puts a bigger emphasis on the ampersand to show how M&M's should bring people together. The new ad campaign was dubbed "For all Funkind."

The green M&M character was introduced in 1997 and was frequently criticized for her sexy characterization, notes CBS News. The new version ditches the high-heeled go-go boots. Instead, she will wear "cool, laid-back sneakers to reflect her effortless confidence." The character will also be "better represented to reflect confidence and empowerment, as a strong female, and known for much more than her boots."

The green and brown M&M's will also have a friendly relationship as a "force supporting women." Their relationship will have them "together throwing shine and not shade" from now on. In the past, the two female M&M's have been depicted as being at odds with each other. Although a viral 2015 tweet did have the two holding hands at the beach as friends.

Fans can expect to see a more modernized look for the other characters as well, Mars said in a statement. The new advertising campaign will focus on the M&M's colors and the different shapes of the candies. There will even be an added emphasis on the ampersand in the logo "to demonstrate how the brand aims to bring people together." There will also be a new "tone of voice" that is more "inclusive, welcoming, and unifying, while remaining rooted in our signature jester wit and humor."


"We're excited to reveal our new M&M'S brand look and feel, which fans will see come to life across all M&M'S touchpoints around the globe," Jane Hwang, Global Marketing Vice President, Mars Wrigley, said in a statement. "From new product innovations to brand campaigns, our evolved characters and our experiential retail stores, we'll incorporate colorful visuals, inclusive messaging and our purpose into all we do to prove that all together, we're more fun. In fact, this purpose is already on full display at the new M&M'S store in Berlin, which features multiple languages on signage as an invitation to all and our most diverse Associate base that celebrates those from different cultures, backgrounds and generations."