'Law & Order: SVU' Star Mariska Hargitay Bashes Harvey Weinstein's Defense Team Over 'Victim Blaming'

In the wake of Harvey Weinstein being found guilty on two counts of sexual misconduct on Monday, more and more people are weighing in on the verdict. Such is the case with Mariska Hargitay. In a series of tweets, PEOPLE noted that the actress relentlessly trashed Weinstein's defense attorneys.

"But it also represented some of the very best within our society," Hargitay continued. "Together with the many survivors who traveled to support them, [silence breakers] channeled the strength to arrive at the courtroom day after day."

In closing, the Law & Order: SVU star concluded that "they did this knowing that there were people -- millions of people like you and me standing behind them. Join me in committing to making sure that survivors know that they are not alone. That we stand with them, today and every day."

On Monday Weinstein was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of third-degree rape, but acquitted on three other, more serious charges. Hours after his verdict was read, the former Hollywood kingmaker was Bellvue Hospital in Manhattan on Monday after he complained of chest pains.

Though his sentencing isn't scheduled until Mar. 11, Weinstein could face anywhere from five to 25 years in prison. During his trial, Variety noted that several women spoke out, regardless if they were past the statute of limitations for their respective cases.

"Hearing it said so bluntly and cleanly, it's landing heavy right now," Tarale Wulff said, alongside her attorney Douglas Wigdor during an appearance on Nightline. "I want to let it out because I've been holding it back for so long. It is vindication."

Wulff had testified that Weinstein held her down, raped her and masturbated in front of her back in 2005. As to Hargitay's original point, Weinstein's defense team tried to discredit Wulff's testimony on cross-examination. They questioned her fragmented memories, accused her of falsifying her story and even claimed her memories of the rape were a scheme that was hatched while working with a therapist.


"My story has not changed," Wulff stated. "I had never replayed it for anybody like that before."