Las Vegas Shooting Victims to Receive $275,000 Each From Donation Fund

Victims of the October Las Vegas shooting will each receive $275,000 each from a GoFund me donation fund.

The fund garnered over $30 million and will now be divided up between the injured and the families of those slain in the senseless attack, according to The Daily Mail.

Additionally, anyone with "permanent paralysis" or "permanent brain damage" will also receive the maximum fund payout of $275,000.

A chart, seen here, outlines the payout structure of the fund, detailing how much each person will receive based on time spent in hospital care. The fund is made up of donations from individuals, as well as donations from corporations and businesses, and ranges in donation size from $1 all the way up to $400,000.

"The love and support shown for the families and survivors of the 1 October tragedy was tremendous," the chairman of the fund Committee, Scott Nielson, said in a statement.

"We recognize, however, that money cannot replace a life lost or forever changed due to this tragic event," Nielson added. "What the Committee worked hard to do was distribute the gifts given by tens of thousands of people in a way that would help those families and survivors most severely impacted by 1 October."

As has been widely reported, that tragic night saw a man named Stephen Paddock open fire on attendees of the Route 91 Harvest festival, killing 58 people and injuring over 400 before taking his own life.

Concernedly, reports of a possible serial killer in Las Vegas came to light months after the city was shocked by the mass shooting at the Mandalay Bay hotel.

Las Vegas police warned citizens to be cautious as they have reason to believe a potential serial killer is on the prowl.

In a message, Las Vegas Metro Police Department Capt. Robert Plummer revealed that four people have been targeted already and that forensics determined the same gun was used in each shooting.

"After killing two people and shooting two others, if he isn't [a serial killer], he's on his way to being one," Capt. Plummer added, according to FOX News.

Police believe that the suspect is either a white or Hispanic male. They also believe him to be around six feet in height. The alleged gunman was caught on surveillance cameras committing one of the murders, killing a homeless man while he appeared to be sleeping.

"To target homeless, [a] very vulnerable segment of our society, is cowardly," Capt. Plummer said. "It's unfortunate that anyone is homeless in today's society, but the fact that they're homeless doesn't mean they're easy targets for being a victim. We care about our homeless as much as we care about the residents who live in Summerlin or Spanish Trails, Henderson... wherever."

Police have said that the first shooting took place on Jan. 29. The suspect opened fire on a would-be victim near a convenience store but luckily only wounded him.

Hours later he fatally shot a homeless man who was later identified as 51-year-old Brian Wayne Clegg. Only a few more hours after that shooting, the suspect shot at another man who he struck in the face with a bullet but the man survived.


Finally, on Feb. 2 the gunman shot and killed 64-year-old James Edgar Lewis while he slept on a street corner. He was seen leaving the scene of the crime in an SUV that police believe to be a Hyundai Tucson.

Police have asked Las Vegas citizens who have surveillance cameras to check their footage for anything suspicious or any sight of the SUV believed to belong to the gunman. "We're doing everything we can to get this person in our custody," Capt. Plummer assured citizens.