Odds Are Kate Middleton and Prince William Will Name Royal Baby Arthur

Almost as soon as news of the new royal baby had been announced people immediately began to speculate on the odds of what his name might be.

According to TMZ, a large betting company based in the UK called Ladbrokes is reporting that Arthur is the top name, per their top bets.

There are several other contenders as well, which land in the following order based on most likely to least likely, according to current bets: Arthur - 6/4, James - 5/1, Albert - 6/1, Philip - 6/1, Thomas - 10/1, Alexander - 12/1, Henry - 12/1.

Interestingly, the Ladbrokes odds that the baby will be named after his father, William, are at the bottom of the list with only 25/1 odds.

The site is also taking bets on who the childe's godparents might be, with Prince William's old nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke at the top of that list.

William's brother, Prince Harry, and Kate Middleton's sister, Pippa, come in ties for second with 10/1 odds. Meghan Markle is further down the list at only 14/1 odds.

Hilariously, there are also some celebrities on the list, clearly just for fun, with Elton John landing at at 50/1 odds, David Beckham scoring 100/1 odds, and Donald Trump coming in with a whopping 1000/1 odds of being the baby's godfather.

The new baby was born on Monday morning, April 23, at St. Mary's Hospital in London. It is their third child, after 4-year-old Prince George and 2-year-old Princess Charlotte. He is the second son of the couple, and will be fifth in line for the throne.

The news of the royal baby was shared on Twitter not long after it was announced that Kate had given birth, with the family posting a video of the announcement on their personal Twitter page.

"Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 11:01 a.m. today. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well," the notice read.


"It is tradition that a framed notice of birth goes on display on a ceremonial easel on the forecourt at the Palace," a separate tweet went on to explain.

The notice of the baby's birth will be displayed publicly for about 24 hours and will then be sent to the Privy Council Office to be recorded in their records.