Hurricane Hanna Reportedly Blowing Over Sections of Donald Trump's Border Wall in Texas

Hurricane Hanna has made landfall in Texas, claiming portions of President Donald Trump’s border wall. Video first surfaced on Sunday as the storm was seen sending a barrage of rain and wind on the wall between the United States and Mexico in southern Texas as the barrier could not withstand the tenacity of Hurricane Hanna. A second hurricane is currently reigning down on Hawaii.

The first landfall for Hanna occurred at 5 p.m. on Saturday with winds topping out at 90 mph. On Sunday morning, the hurricane was relegated to a tropical storm. Trump has remained active on Twitter throughout Sunday, but has not commented on the situation unfolding at his border wall. The South Texas wall has come under scrutiny recently as landowners are hoping to put an end to the construction of the project citing it to be unconstitutional. This comes after Trump’s administration waived federal regulations to speed up the process of the barrier despite concerns about its impact on endangered species, sensitive areas and historical burial sites.

The video of Trump’s wall falling victim to the storm drew a quick response across social media. One user pointed to Trump’s decision to golf amid the pair of storms hitting the country during the coronavirus pandemic and social unrest, writing, “Hurricane that Trump ignores while playing golf knocks down his shoddily built border wall.” Another went straight with a joke, tweeting, “I had a Trump wall joke but it doesn’t stand up.”


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott called the storm “an enormous challenge” during a news conference on Saturday, noting that it is hitting an area hit hard by COVID-19. Rainfall totalled between four to six inches with potential for a few more inches before it subsides. A pier in Corpus Christi collapsed as many towns dealt with serious flooding. Along with dealing with Hurricane Hanna, Texas has been among the hardest hit states with the coronavirus, joining the likes of Florida, Arizona and New York. The state surpassed 375,000 cases over the weekend with a little more than 8,000 new cases being reported on Friday.