'Hot Felon' Jeremy Meeks' Ex-Wife Melissa Breaks Silence on His New Baby at Her Divorce Party

Melissa Meeks is embracing divorce with arms wide open — as well as a Las Vegas bash fit for a queen. The ex-wife of "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks threw an epic divorce party at Crazy Horse 3 on Saturday, complete with a handcuff-shaped cake that read "Ex Con 2 Ex-Wife."

melissa-meeks-Bryan Steffy, Wire Image
(Photo: Bryan Steffy, Wire Image)

The scene also featured bottle service and a banner that read "Free at Last."

"I'm celebrating a new chapter in my life right now," Meeks told Us Weekly.

Their divorce was finalized in early June with the couple agreeing to share joint legal custody of their 8-year-old son, Jeremy Jr., the magazine reports. Melissa Meeks will reportedly have primary physical custody while Jeremy Meeks will have "an approximately 30 percent timeshare," according to court documents.

The two remain on good terms after Melissa was blindsided by Jeremy's affair with Topshop heiress Chloe Green in 2017 following his surge in popularity and uptick in modeling gigs after his arrest mugshot was released.

"Me and his father are on good terms now and we'll be co-parenting for the best for my son and that's what's important," she told the magazine on Saturday.

Melissa, 37, and Jeremy, 34, were married for eight years before he filed for divorce in October 2017, three months after he was photographed kissing Green on a yacht in Turkey.

Jeremy Meeks and Green welcomed their first child together on May 29, a boy named Jayden Meeks-Green. When asked about Jeremy Meeks and Green's growing family, Melissa Meeks told Us Weekly, "Congratulations to him on that. That's all I can say."

She also said in an interview with PEOPLE that she is single and "ready to mingle... 100 percent."

"I feel like I'm rediscovering myself," she said, adding that her relationship with her ex-husband is cordial for the benefit of their son. "We're on good terms for the sake of my son, and that's really all that's important," she said.

"That part of my life is a closed chapter, and now I'm ready to basically write the new chapter in my life right now. There were definitely parts of that past chapter that were amazing and definitely parts that were not so amazing, but the future is to be told," Melissa Meeks told PEOPLE.


Jeremy Meeks became a viral sensation in 2014 when Stockton, California police shared his mugshot on Facebook following his arrest for possession of a firearm and grand theft. After he was released from prison in 2016, his modeling career took off.

In a rare May interview, Jeremy told FV Magazine that he believes Green is the love of his life and is hoping to give back to those less fortunate with his newfound fame.