Here’s Your Chance to Be in a McDonald’s Commercial Paying $25,000

McDonalds posted a new casting call on Saturday, looking for two very specific people to fill the [...]

McDonalds posted a new casting call on Saturday, looking for two very specific people to fill the roles.

According to Project Casting, the commercials calls for an "African American/Male who is between the ages of 55-65 that is a real pilot — commercial or private/small aircraft," and a "Caucasian/Male who is between the ages of 50 to 60 that is a real BIG RIG/Large commercial trucker."

Based on that information, it appears anybody who fits that description is up for the role regardless of any previous acting experience.

According the casting agency, deadline for submission is June 17, with the filming taking place from June 26-30 in Los Angeles, California.

One of McDonald's latest ad campaigns centered around the new 100 Percent Fresh Beef Quarter Pounder with Cheese, starring the likes of Charles Barkley and John Goodman.

"Man, what I'm about to show you ain't no joke," Barkley said to start one of the ads. "First of all, this is 100 percent fresh beef for 100 percent deliciousness and it's cooked when you order. McDonald's isn't messing around. No sir."

Barkley is then silenced when he takes a bite, as a text overlay pops up saying "so good, they'll leave you speechless."

The campaign took a different turn with Goodman, having him do an ASMR-style video of the burger being prepared that some fans found a little creepy.

"Hey you," Goodman whispered into a microphone. "McDonald's new fresh beef Quarter Pounder is hotter and juicier. It will leave you speechless. I can almost feel that juice sizzling. It all starts with a 100 percent fresh beef patty cooked right when you order. Now it's getting serious, time for the rest of the flavor players. Man this is going to be tasty."

"Oh baby, the melted cheese, the hugging every corner of that beef patty," he continued. "Stack that delicious patty with crunchy pickles, crisp, slivered onions, ketchup and mustard. That cheese is so hot, so melty."

McDonalds also made headlines this week with a few tweaks to their menu. The first was that restaurants would be offering Cold Brew Frozen Coffee and Cold Brew Frappe as part of their McCafé menu for a limited time.

"Over the last year, McCafé has broken new ground with a series of exciting changes and it's only just begun," Elina Veksler, senior director of McCafé Menu Innovation, said when the new items were announced. "These beverages are skillfully made by restaurant crew for just the right balance of flavors, ensuring our customers receive a café-quality beverage every time."

Another announcement came Friday, as USA Today reported the chain restaurant is looking to abandon plastic straws with alternative products in late 2018.