Gospel Musician Accused of Fraud

A popular gospel musician and social media blogger in Ghana is facing charges for attempted fraud for allegedly claiming on social media that she could provide passports and other documents to fans who wanted to move to the European Union for a fee. Jacklin Safro Gyamfua, better known as Ohemaa Jackie on social media, was arrested on Sept. 8 and is being held without bail. One of her clients discovered the alleged fraud when she presented documents she received from Gyamfua, 29, at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana in March, only to learn the documents were fake.

Babara Adu-Boahene, a trader and resident of Ghana's capital Accra, saw one of Gyamfua's social media advertisements in February 2021. On March 30, Abu-Boahene went to the airport, where immigration officers arrested her for presenting fake Italian passports for herself and her daughter. The prosecutor's investigator told Accra Circuit Court the fake documents cost her 21,000 euros (about $24,800), reports GhanaWeb.

According to the prosecution, Abu-Boahene contacted Gyamfua about traveling to Italy. The singer promised Abu-Boahene two Italian passports and two resident ID cards for her and her daughter. Gyamfua then gave the Abu-Boahene access to two bank accounts with different names so the alleged fraud victim could deposit money, reports Modern Ghana. Gyamfua provided forged documents to Abu-Boahene, who did not realize they were fake until she got to the airport. The prosecution also noted that Gyamfua and her husband allegedly threatened Abu-Boahene if she went to authorities.


Gyamfua was arrested on Sept. 8 and charged with defrauding by false pretense and forgery of official documents. Her attorney applied for bail, but she was denied. Gyamfua has also denied the charges. The next hearing in the case is scheduled for Sept. 16.