Woman's Infant Dies After She Ignored Court Orders

The infant of a Georgia woman, who was ordered by the courts to not have unsupervised contact, was found dead Dec. 1.

(Photo: Cobb County Sheriff's Office)

Lalonie Vanessa Troup of Marietta was ordered by Cobb County Juvenile Court not to have unsupervised contact with her infant son and to follow a list of baby sleep procedures. As a result of her discordance to the law, the child was found dead.

Troup was arrested Friday after it was determined that her son, Zion Kingston, died after she took him from his crib and put him in her bed. Police said Zion suffocated.

Troup was charged with involuntary manslaughter and reckless conduct.

Police responded to her home on Dec. 1 and found Zion deceased. Officer Chuck McPhilamy told the Atlanta Journal Constitution they discovered the baby had been dead for "some time."

McPhillamy told the Journal Constitution that Troup was first investigated by police when an acquaintance was giving her narcotics while she was in labor at the hospital.

The Division of Family and Children Services began visiting her and administering drug tests. Troup tested positive for opiates, according to the arrest warrant. McPhillamy said DFCS' goal "was to ensure the child's safety and provide Lalonie infant sleeping and parenting instructions."

Troup's DFCS case manager frequently visited her and told her to make sure Zion sleeps on his back, But authorities say she kept putting the baby in danger.

In November, she was found drunk in her car with Zion, who was not properly fastened into a child seat, reports 11Alive. Heroin was also found in the car, police said. She was charged with DUI and child endangerment.

Later, the three-month-old baby was put into protective custody. The court ordered Troup not to have unsupervised contact with Zion, and her mother, Kim Troup, was given custody.

Police said she ignored that, and put Zion face down on a bed without her mother around.


Troup is being held at Cobb County jail on $25,000 bond.

Photo credit: Cobb County Sheriff's Office