YouTube User's Dinner for Cricket Goes Viral

A YouTube user named Garrett Watts tweeted a touching story over the weekend that just blew up social media.

The internet personality wrote that he had saved a cricket from the cold and treated it to a nice night in with him. The story was accompanied by a photo of the cricket enjoying its temporary home.

The tweet went viral. At the time of publication, the endearing post has over 34,000 retweets and over 130,000 likes. That's a lot, especially considering that Watts only has about 114,000 followers himself.

The cricket shelter includes a tiny pot of drinking water, a tiny pickle and some cheese for a midnight snack, and one of Watts' Bluetooth ear buds, playing Frank Ocean softly for his tiny house guest.

"This morning I let him go [and] he hopped away happily. I miss him [and] hope he's good," Watts concluded.


The tweet got an outpouring of support from responders, who applaud Watts for his gentle, patient, hilarious response to an insect in need. Replies ranged from "Good deed bro" to "GARRETT WATTS YOU ARE THE WORLDS PUREST MAN AND I LOVE YOU."