Dunkin' Employee Arrested for Spitting in Cop's Coffee

A Dunkin employee was arrested after making national news for spitting into the drink of a Chicago police officer. Vincent J. Sessler was arrested on Friday after a trooper discovered a "large, thick piece of mucus" in his coffee, according to Illinois State Police.

The 25-year-old was charged with disorderly conduct, reckless conduct, and battery to a peace officer. He was under custody as of Saturday. The spit was found after the officer removed the lid of the drink to cool it off. Shortly after, it was learned that it was, in fact, saliva that was found in the drink. In a press release documenting the arrest, Illinois State Police director Brendan F. Kelly called the event "outrageous and disgusting."

"The men and women of the Illinois State Police put their heart and soul into protecting the lives and rights of all people in this state every day," Kelly said, adding how his team deserves more respect than was shown. Additionally, he has advised his officers from going to this particular Dunkin Donuts location moving forward.

While this claim held merit, a couple of New York Police Department officers were on the other end of this as they accused a Shake Shack that they had visited had poisoned them. After further investigation, it turned out that the officers were not targeted. Instead, their drinks may have had a cleaning solution not thoroughly rinsed off. All of this came as protests swept across the country in the wake of George Floyd's death at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. Protests, which saw some turn violent, called for an end of systemic racism while raising concerns over police brutality.


Since March and right around the beginning of the coronavirus being deemed a pandemic, police forces across the country have been placed under a microscope. There have been calls by some for defunding the police, a move executed by the Los Angeles Police Department. Meanwhile, other branches, like the South Bend police department, even saw raises in their pay despite the nationwide backlash. The video that surfaced of officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on the neck of Floyd opened up a can of worms about police training and abuse of power. This continues to remain a topic on everyone's minds, particularly when it comes to the murder of Breonna Taylor, who was gunned down by Louisville police officers on March 13.