Dr. Pimple Popper Reveals Her Assistant's Favorite Video of All-Time

Dr. Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper online, shared a video on Twitter on Wednesday which she says is her assistant's favorite video they've ever made.

The extremely graphic video shows Lee with a pair of helping hands removing a massive cyst from a patient's knee. As the doctor noted, the growth is about the size of a baseball.

"My assistant's favorite video of all time. The baseball Kneee Cyst," she wrote, along with an emoji depiction of two fingers squeezing a baseball.

The operation is more serious than many that Lee tends to post online. Typically, the California-based dermatologist focuses on the removal of exceptional blackheads and pimples. She believes that her fans — affectionately referred to as "Popaholics" — enjoy the sight of pressure being released and skin being cleaned.

The baseball cyst video consists of a little more than that. The operation includes the grizzly removal of surround fat tissue as the doctor's assistant holds back a flap of skin. Incredibly, the patient appears to be awake in the video, as she can be heard conversing with the medical staff.

After the cyst is out, Dr. Lee and her associates gathered around it as it sat in a dish on the operating table. At the end of the video, the assistant is about to cut the cyst open.

Lee will soon be reaching a wider audience with her edu-tainment, as she will star in a reality series on TLC starting this summer. The doctor had a wildly popular special on the network in January, simply called Dr. Pimple Popper, and has decided to continue it as a regular program.

According to a post made earlier this month, TLC plans for the series to be similar to the special and the online content Lee is so well-known for. Viewers can watch Lee "poke, prod and squeeze in order to resolve some unusual cases, as well as transform the lives of her patients in the process."


The series will reportedly have more of a focus on the lives of the patients and how their relationship with their skin affects them on a day-to-day level. The concept is fertile ground for an examination of beauty standards and self-confidence. However, it will also maintain Lee's commitment to educating the public on her odd job.

So far, the series has no official air date.