Doorbell Camera Captures Moment Mom Gives Birth in a Parking Lot

One expecting mom and two of her helpers, including her husband, are trending online after they had quite the experience walking into a Florida birthing center. Often doorbell cameras catch packages being delivered, but the one outside of Margate's Natural Birth Works caught a different kind of package being delivered. Susan Anderson, her husband Joseph and her midwife Sandra Lovaina delivered Anderson's baby in the parking lot outside of the center, and it was all caught on camera.

"This momma had a super-fast labor," Lovaina said, according to Too Fab. "In midwife terms, it was precipitous." She added, "When dad called a few minutes before arrival and said she feels like pushing gloves were on and ready. Although I thought we'd have time to get inside, this little one had other plans."

In the video, Anderson belted out only one-or-two screams before the baby arrived. The entire time Anderson was standing up, just in front of the entrance, as Lovaina was bent down underneath her to catch the baby. Meanwhile, two officers are standing outside from a slight distance as they check in on the mom. However, her midwife calmly replied they had everything handled.

"She's okay! She's okay! I'm the midwife, she's here to have a baby!" she replied as the officers ventured over to make sure everything was okay after they heard the new mom belt out. In the few seconds, it took her to explain to the officers what was going on, the newborn already made it from the womb to the world. As she caught the baby before she landed on the ground, she quickly handed her over to Anderson so she could hold her. Meanwhile, Anderson is still standing.


"Multitasking by catching a baby and letting them know we were all good was quite the experience!" Lovaina explained. "One of the most exciting births of 2020 [...] one we won't forget!" The new mom spoke with Local10 following her quick birth and said she didn't think she wasn't going to make it in but knew the baby was coming quickly.

"During the car ride to the birth center, I turned to my husband, and I was like, 'I need to push!'" she recalled. "I didn't think I wouldn't make it into the building [...] by the time we got to the first step, the head was coming." Her newborn is the second child she has welcome with her husband at the Natural Birth Works. "Mom and baby are doing amazing, and we can all laugh at how awesome this birth was. Especially because the cops looked pretty shell shocked!" Lovaina said.