New Viral Video Puts Donald Trump Into an Iconic '80s Music Video

A viral video is making the rounds online today, and it puts President Donald Trump into some uncharacteristic positions. Some genius editing by a YouTube user has the president singing the entirety of The Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime."

Even more impressively, the president's face has been grafted onto many of the iconic shots from the music video. The commander-in-chief smiles idly as he performs some of David Byrne's stilted, awkward dance movies. The video even shows a single file line of Trumps walking rhythmically across the screen in profile as Byrne does.

To the credit of Swede Mason, the editing of his mash-up conforms seamlessly with the old-school green screen effects of the original "Once in a Lifetime" video. In fact, if it weren't for the president's meticulously cut together vocals, one might think the band had simply included Trump's face as some kind of artistic statement.

The user who made the video included little explanation as to why this felt like the right song to edit the president into singing. The caption on the video simply reads "Once in Trump's lifetime..." However, the account has a whole catalogue of equally impressive mash-ups and fan-made music videos.


The apparently time-consuming project include lots of politicians, newscasters and public figures singing songs and speaking out of context. There's even one remarkable video of the cast of Game of Thrones edited into singing a Vanilla Ice song. The video is brilliantly titled, "A Song of Fire and Ice Ice Baby."