Donald Trump Greeted With 'Worst President Ever' Skywritten Banner in Florida

Donald Trump may not have received the warm reception he was hoping for upon his arrival in Florida post-presidency. The former U.S. leader headed for his Mar-a-Lago resort after moving out of the White House on Wednesday as President Joe Biden took part in his inauguration. He was met with quite the message in the sky on Sunday as a plane flying overhead the resort didn’t hold back in its statement.

TMZ shared photos of a sky-writing plane above his resort delivering a not-so-endearing message to the former POTUS. “TRUMP YOU PATHETIC LOSER GO BACK TO MOSCOW,” one plane's inscription read. Another in the sky delivered a second message, "TRUMP WORST PRESIDENT EVER." The Daily Mail also shared images of Trump spending his week after his four-year term ended golfing at his West Palm Beach club.

Since his exit from the nation’s capital, Trump has remained fairly quiet from a national perspective. Namely because of his Twitter still being locked out along with the @POTUS handle being transferred to the new administration, Trump has taken a step back in the spotlight momentarily. CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who covered the Trump administration throughout, noted his departure as a “sad and pathetic sight” while appearing on Reliable Sources. Acosta said he has never seen the former president so “alone” before like he is now. He blamed the Capitol riot that he incited for derailing all he had done for four years as the lasting impression of his presidency. “What we saw the President over the course of four or five years out on the campaign trail and over at the White House just sort of unraveled at the end,” Acosta continued.

As Trump left his mantle at the White House, Biden and his administration took over as the country continued to be ravaged with COVID-19 cases and deaths. Within a few days after taking office, Biden already has taken steps to change policies put in place by Trump before he left office. Among those were the travel restrictions that Trump had lifted regarding non-U.S. travelers from Brazil, Ireland and a dozen other European countries. Biden’s change also included South Africa, adding the country to the list after concerns of a COVID-19 mutation have begun to arise. Days after taking the oath Biden also ordered any international travelers who come in via airplane n the U.S. to quarantine upon arrival.