Donald Trump's Campaign Asks for Pennsylvania Court to Declare Him a Winner

Donald Trump's campaign has asked for a Pennsylvania court to declare him the winner of the [...]

Donald Trump's campaign has asked for a Pennsylvania court to declare him the winner of the state's 2020 Presidential Election. According to The Hill, on Wednesday, Trump's legal team submitted a lawsuit regarding claims of voter fraud, arguing that the Republican-controlled state legislature should be allowed to assign its electoral votes to him. It does not appear that the attorneys have provided any concrete evidence to support 1.5 million votes across Pennsylvania "should not have been counted" because they returned results "indicating Biden won" the state.

The new lawsuit comes after Trump's legal team lost a case in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Tuesday, after arguing that the Trump campaign's constitutional rights were violated by observers being refused sufficient access to watch election officials process mail-in ballots. The court ruled against Trump, stating there was viable evidence to prove poll-watchers did have adequate access to view the vote counting. "In contrast to the 2002 International Electoral Standards ... the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has struck out in a unique direction among democracies and declared that meaningful observers are not part of verification and votes may be counted without any review by political campaigns and parties," Trump's lawyer wrote in the new filing.

Speaking about the election and Trump's as-yet-unfounded claims of voter fraud, Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman encouraged everyone to "kind of take a deep breath," when it comes to the eventual transfer of power to President-elect Joe Biden. "Everybody knows how this movie is going to end — everybody knows, including the president," Fetterman stated while speaking to ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and Political Director Rick Klein on the Powerhouse Politics podcast. He then went on to make a prediction: that even if Trump eventually concedes the 2020 election, he won't really go anywhere.

"I guarantee he will be that president that doesn't fade away," Fetterman offered. "He is going to use his 90 million followers and he is going to continue to lob chaos into the process after Joe Biden takes over because why not, at this point? And I'm not taking any of this seriously as an American — not as a Democrat — as an American."