Donald Trump Calls out Nancy Pelosi for Breaking COVID-19 Guidelines in Leaked Beauty Parlor Footage

President Donald Trump is condemning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's controversial salon visit earlier this week. After video footage of the visit, showing Pelosi in a salon without a mask, a clear violation of San Francisco's coronavirus rules, surfaced Tuesday, the president slammed the House Speaker as a hypocrite, suggesting that the video offers clear evidence that they need to "send Nancy packing!"

Throughout the past months, Pelosi has been outspoken on the need for coronavirus guidelines and has frequently spoken out against the president’s handling of the pandemic. The same day she made her visit to the salon, she appeared on MSNBC to criticize Trump for holding the final night of the Republican National Convention at the White House, where hundreds of people gathered without the requirement of masks and social distancing.

Pelosi's visit to eSalon, however, was in direct violation of coronavirus guidelines, as local ordinances, as of her Monday visit, did not permit salons to be open. On Tuesday, they were allowed to open for outdoor service only. The salon's owner, Erica Kious, called the trip "a slap in the face" and "disturbing," and the president, in a second tweet, suggested that Kious "must really dislike Crazy Nancy Pelosi."

Trump is just the latest political figure to condemn Pelosi's visit. Speaking with Fox & Friends on Wednesday, White House chief of Staff Mark Meadows said that the behavior was "typical Washington, D.C. They get on national TV. They preach to the American people that it should be one way and, yet, in private, when the cameras are not rolling and in this case, I guess the cameras were rolling, it shows a very different story." He went on to take a jab at the stalled stimulus relief bill negotiations, stating, "it's the same thing whether it's in San Francisco with her going into a salon or in the privacy of a negotiating room, it's time that she get serious about helping the American people."

Although Pelosi herself has not directly addressed the controversy, her spokesman, Drew Hammill, released a statement shorty after Fox News published the video. In that statement, Hammill claimed that "the business offered for the Speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business." Hammill also addressed accusations that Pelosi had not worn a mask, explaining that "the Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this establishment."