DNC 2020: Andrew Yang Slams 'Patronizing Element' of Democratic Messaging Ahead of Convention Speech

As the 2020 Democratic National Convention gets ready to wrap up, Andrew Yang has slammed what he calls a "patronizing element" of the Democratic messaging. Yang's comments come ahead of his own convention speech, which is scheduled for Thursday night. While speaking to The Washington Post Live, the former Democratic presidential candidate stated, "Democrats have this tendency to have a message out there, and then if you don't like the message it's like, 'Well, it's your fault.'"

He continued, "There's this patronizing element to a lot of what we say and do, and it's hurting us, and it's wrong, unproductive. It's a great way to not win." Yang then went on to express his issue with the convention not giving a more substantial amount of time to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New York-born progressive politician appeared briefly on Tuesday, to nominate Sen. Bernie Sanders, which was a formality that she was asked to be part of due to Sanders receiving the second most votes after Joe Biden. "She was asked to nominate Bernie, which I thought she did very effectively, but I thought that was a misuse of AOC," Yang said. "She is one of the people who can cut through this medium and deliver a message very powerfully, so I feel like the DNC just missed one on that."

It was originally unclear if Yang would even be part of the DNC this year, as on Aug. 11 he tweeted, "I’ve got to be honest I kind of expected to speak." This came after his name did not turn up on the initial list of speakers, per The Hill. Two days later his involvement was confirmed. "And it’s official - we have been added to the DNC Convention speaker lineup! Thank you [Yang Gang] and everyone else who made this happen!"

Yang does not have a political background; rather, he is a tech entrepreneur who made a bid for the Democratic presidential nomination and stayed the fight longer than even Sen. Kamala Harris. She has since become the Democratic vice presidential nominee, running alongside Biden, who is a former vice president himself. According to the convention schedule, Yang appears to be the last speaker on Thursday, right before former president Barack Obama introduces Biden.