Dan Brown Reacts to Ex-Wife's Allegations That 'Da Vinci Code' Author Led Secret Double Life

Author Dan Brown has responded to a lawsuit alleging that he led a secret double life by his ex-wife, Blythe. Brown, best known for penning The Da Vinci Code, issued a statement about the matter, as reported by TODAY.

The statement, which was issued on Tuesday, said that Brown was "stunned" by the allegations and called the complaint "written without regard for the truth." He added that he never he was always honest with his ex-wife about their finances during their divorce and that she ended up with half their holdings after they divorced. "For reasons known only to her and possibly her lawyer, Blythe Brown has created through this suit a fictional and vindictive account of aspects of our marriage designed to hurt and embarrass me."

In court documents filed on Monday, Blythe Brown accused her ex-husband of hiding future projects worth "millions" from her, including a television series and children's book. She also claimed that she deserved credit for numerous best-sellers under his name, including the premise for The Da Vinci Code, which inspired a series of novels as well as a film franchise. She also claimed that she only learned about her husband's "unlawful and egregious" behavior, including extramarital affairs, after their divorce in 2019. She also accused the author of using their money to buy gifts for a mistress/horse trainer, which included a number of horses as well as financing for her business.

"Dan has lived a proverbial life of lies for at least the past six years, seeming to be the epitome of a world-famous novelist leading a simple life in his home state of New Hampshire, while in reality, he was something quite different," the lawsuit goes on to claim. "For years, Dan has secretly removed substantial funds from his and Blythe's hard-earned marital assets to conduct sordid, extra-marital affairs with women — one half his age — and to pursue a clandestine life."

In a statement separate from her lawsuit, Blythe Brown said she was filing the suit to assert her "self-worth" in a similar statement. "We worked so hard together, struggling to build something meaningful," she wrote With great success came our promises to each other that we would not let it change us or our life together. I don’t recognize the man that Dan has become. It is time to reveal his deceit and betrayal. After so much pain, it is time for truth. It is time to right these wrongs."