Watch: Woman Arrested Attempting to Bash Bar Door, Licking Window While Saying She Has Coronavirus

A woman has been arrested after trying to burst her way through a glass door, then licking it, all [...]

A woman has been arrested after trying to burst her way through a glass door, then licking it, all while claiming she has coronavirus. The outburst came as a result of her unwillingness to comply with the establishment's face mask requirement. It was also captured on video and, of course, has since gone viral.

The video was shared on Twitter by Voters Tomorrow founder Santiago Mayer, among others, and has racked up thousands of page views. The comments wildly speculate on the woman's mental health, and whether or not she was on drugs. Others just assumed she was going all-in on the increasingly politicized debate over the wearing of face masks. Of course, it was just the latest in an increasingly common trend of public tantrums brought on by coronavirus.

Back in April, a man outside a bank in Prince George, British Columbia had a similar outburst after learning about adjusted hours for seniors and other high-risk customers. A witness to the event said that "this individual lost his mind and started spitting, coughing and licking the door handle." He also said the reason was that the bank was "devoting the first hour of operations to seniors and people in need," which he believed was "unacceptable" and "bulls—," and as he put it, "buddy decided to make a fuss about it and endanger the lives around him with his actions.

In May, police Holly, Missouri released a video showing a man inside a Dollar Tree approaching an employee before wiping his nose on his sleeve. Police have said that the employee had asked the man to wear a mask, pointing out the signs on the doors indicating that was still their policy. Allegedly the man replied with, "Here, I will use this as a mask," and then wiped his on the employee's sleeve. Other shoppers on the scene also claimed that he'd been loud and disruptive prior to the incident.

Of course, it all goes back to the infamous "Coronavirus Challenge," which was championed by a TikTok influencer all the way back in March when the country was just starting to adjust to the realities of self-isolation. The "challenge" entailed the influencer, who goes by the username Avalouiise, was seen in a clip licking a toilet seat. It was later confirmed that they'd tested positive for COVID-19.