CNN Reports Live From Marijuana Party Bus

CNN sent Randi Kaye to Colorado for New Year's Eve, where she's spending the night on a pot-filled party bus.

During the segment, Kaye showed off a gas mask she had, connected to a bong and wore matijuana leaf earrings. At the end, she nicknamed herself "Kush Kaye," which would make a great Twitter handle. (Her real Twitter handle is @randikayeCNN, unfortunately.)

During the segment, Kaye let one of the bus riders show her how the gas mask bong worked. She then lit it, live on air.

Unfortunately for Andy Cohen, there was no stripper pole on the bus. "But there are a lot of really high people," she said.

Kaye said she was on a Cannabis Tours bus. Since recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, the company takes people from all over the country around the state to enjoy legal weed.


Quite a few people on Twitter were stunned by what they were seeing. Some are sure she will be "high AF" by the end of the night.

Photo credit: Twitter/3x1minus1