CNBC's Jim Cramer Apologizes for Calling Nancy Pelosi 'Crazy Nancy'

CNBC's Jim Cramer has formally apologized for calling Speaker Nancy Pelosi "Crazy Nancy" during an interview with her on his show. During Wednesday's Today show, Hoda Kotb shared Cramer's apology, in which he reassured fans that he has an "Incredible amount of respect for Pelosi and for the office she holds." He added, "It was a very stupid comment, and a tongue-in-cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone of negotiations in Washington."

Cramer's initial comment came while he was speaking with Pelosi on Tuesday about when a new stimulus package may be approved. "What deal can we have, Crazy Nancy," he said, immediately stopping and apologizing in the moment, saying, "That was the president, I have such reverence for the office I would never use that term." Pelosi replied, "But you just did." Cramer then attempted to defend himself again, saying, "You know what I mean, the reverence I have for the office is so great that I think it's a travesty to ever call, look, you're..." Pelosi then interrupted by telling Cramer that she understood what he meant.

Pelosi then went on to criticize Trump for giving her the nickname in the first place. "Let me just say this, anything the president says is a projection of his own insecurities," she said. "He calls other people crazy because he knows he is... he's a master of projection."

Cramer has since been using his social media presence to explain what his intent was, writing in a tweet, "I challenge anyone to listen to the interview and think I wasn't imitating what the president says and how repulsive I find it. I said that three times. I apologized for the implication twice. Who put out the quote without the context? What organization?"


He later added, "You know what I love? The president goes unchecked, calls her Crazy forever. I call it out as horrible and I am called out for doing so here. What a travesty..." Cramer also said, "It disgusts me that she is called 'crazy Nancy.' She has spent her whole life in public services. My critics didn't listen to why I mentioned it-because it is horrifying." Pelosi does not yet appear to have responded to Cramer's apology.