Cleveland Hospital on Lockdown for Potential Active Shooter Reports

A hospital in Medina, Ohio went is on lock down in response to a possible active shooter, according to a report by local ABC affiliate WCPO.

The Cleveland Clinic - Medina Hospital activated lock down protocol on Tuesday, after reports of a possible shooter. Police are reportedly on the scene, and they have not cleared the building yet. The official Medina Police Department Facebook page gave an update just before 2:30 p.m., identifying the potential shooter as a female.

"Medina Police responded to Medina Hospital regarding a female with a firearm threatening individuals," it read. "No shots have been fired. Police have secured the hospital and are searching the facility floor by floor. Please avoid the hospital until police give the all clear. Updates to follow."

Inside the hospital, staff and patients went into lock down or sheltered where they were. Witnesses say there was a hospital-wide "Code Silver" alert, sent to all staff.

"Take immediate action to protect yourselves and others," the alert says.

Lt. David Birckbichler confirmed that police were on the scene in a statement to WCPO, but had no further details.

On Facebook, locals commented impatiently looking for new information. According to some comments, a local TV report claimed that shots had been fired, and there might even be a hostage situation.

"The news said shots fired and possible hostage situation," one person wrote beneath the police department's statement. "Exactly what is the situation?"

Others echoed this sentiment, apparently having seen the same broadcast. Some admonished the reporters for creating a false or premature panic, while others questioned the police for providing too little information.

A few commenters even claimed to be communicating with people inside the building, and said that those witnesses had heard gunshots. However, those reports remain unconfirmed by either the police or news outlets.

The hospital posted an update from its official Twitter account as well.

"Police are on scene at Medina Hospital responding to a potential active shooter situation in the medical office building," it reads. "Both the hospital and office building are on lock down. We advise no one travel to the Medina campus. We will continue to share updates."

The hospital shared the same post across all its social media accounts, and posted an official statement on its website.


"Please keep Medina caregivers and our patients and visitors in your thoughts," the news release read. "Their safety is our top priority."