MMA Fighter Chuck Liddell Has Fiery Message for Boxers After Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Chuck Liddell has a message for all the big-name boxers thinking they can make a transition into MMA.

The UFC legend tells boxers to stay in the ring, unless they want some embarrassment.

"Guys coming from boxing -- stay there," Liddell told TMZ Sports when asked about Andre Berto's desire to take his talent to the Octagon.

Liddell wasn't calling out Berto, but instead explained that if the McGregor-Mayweather fight had been reversed and it was an MMA match, the results would have been different.

"Floyd wouldn't have made it out of 1 round - not kickboxing, not MMA, not a street fight - not 1 round," Liddell said.


Despite Liddell's comments, there may be more boxing/MMA fights in the future if Berto has anything to do with it.