'White Christmas': Snow Storms Expected Across US Regions

There are winter weather alerts across a huge portion of the United States going into this holiday, and travel might be affected.

The National Weather Service is reporting that the north-eastern corner of the country will be the hardest hit, though the west coast won't be exempt either. At least 60 million people are living in areas under winter weather alerts, which includes advisories, warnings and lake-effect snow warnings.

Meteorologists say that Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, New York and Boston will be hardest hit over the next several hours. Roads will be the main problem, but those travelling by air will face delays as well, especially flights coming to or going from Detroit, Chicago and Cincinnati.

In the north east, people are advised to expect at least two inches of snow starting this evening. Depending on where you're staying or travelling through, that number could jump up to six or eight inches.

In the far north near Portland Maine, experts are predicting about 12 inches of snow accumulation over night. In the small area of upstate New York that's between New England and the Great Lakes, estimates range as high as 24 inches of snow.

Meanwhile, the north west saw stormy conditions starting this morning. The National Weather Service predicts that as much as a quarter inch of ice could build up on roadways, and on top of that, precipitation may turn to snow tonight.


People hoping to drive in the morning may want to reconsider, as they might be sliding across two inches of snow piled on top of a solid road of ice.

Follow the National Weather Service directly to keep up on advisories and travel tips throughout the holiday.