Drinking Burger King's New Frozen Fanta Drink Has an Unfortunate Side Effect

A new seasonal Halloween menu item from Burger King has an alarming side effect that customers are [...]

A new seasonal Halloween menu item from Burger King has an alarming side effect that customers are having a mixed reaction to.

Burger King is now selling a Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushie. The frozen drink is jet black to celebrate the spookiest month of the year, but it is also proving how creepy the color green can be as well. As countless customers have pointed out on social media — sometimes in disturbing detail — the slushie has a drastic effect on the digestive system.

"@BurgerKing your black cherry icee turned my poop green," one person tweeted bluntly. "I just wanted to take this time to thank you."

Burger King's social media team took it in stride.

"@Charmin get ready," they tweeted at a toilet paper brand.

"We were born ready," Charmin's Twitter account replied.

Countless other tweets filled the site with references to Burger King's new drink and its effect on the body. It sparked some lively debates about the fast food industry, public health and the color wheel — with interpretations ranging from green to blue.

"I drank a @BurgerKing scary black cherry Icee and my s— turned blue," one person declared. "Neon blue. Everyone should get one. Blue poop makes everything seem better."

"Just heard about the @BurgerKing Halloween slushies that make your poop blue/green as a side effect of the coloring, and i'm literally on my way now to get one after hearing that," added another.

Many people also recalled Burger King's previous Halloween promotion: a jet black Whopper. The burger had a similar effect on customers, with lots of food coloring lathered into its bun. Some laughed and some shuddered at the memory, as well as the fact that Burker King's food scientists apparently learned nothing from it.

"Do you remember a couple years back when Burger King released those Black patties that ended up turning people's poop green?" someone wrote. "Apparently their new frozen drink does the same thing. Thanks for the heart attack, @BurgerKing!"

There are also reports of the new Fanta drink leaving prolonged black stains in some customers' mouths. There is no telling how long the frozen beverage will stay on the menu, so either get it while you can or stay away until its gone, depending on your preference.