Lawsuit Claims Brian Laundrie's Parents Knew Where Gabby Petito's Body Was During Investigation

In 2021, the nation was gripped by the case of Gabby Petito, a young woman who went missing and was later found dead. Her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie, was a suspect in the case, but he too become a missing person and was found dead after an extensive search. Now, according to claims in a new lawsuit, it is alleged that Laundrie's parents knew where Petito's body was during the time police were investigating her disappearance.

PEOPLE reports that Petito's parents have amended a previously filed lawsuit against the Laundries, which holds the couple responsible for helping their son cover up Gabby's murder. It also claims that they made plans to help their son flee the United States. In the amended portion of the lawsuit, the Petito family furthers their allegations by claiming that the Laundries knew the location of Gabby's body at Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming, but failed to notify police. The Petitos are suing in the amount of $30,000 in damages for the mental anguish.

According to reports, Petito and Laundrie had set off on a cross-country trip in June. Near the end of August, Petito reportedly began to be less communicative before sending one last text on Aug. 30, which her family questions the authenticity of, as they feel it may not have been sent by her. Laundrie returned home to North Port on Sept. 1 but reportedly was unwilling to cooperate with police on the investigation of Petito's disappearance. Laundrie was never an official suspect in Petito's death, but he was considered a person of interest. Authorities engaged in an extensive search for Laundrie, and eventually confirmed on Oct. 21 that his remains had been discovered.


In the Petitos' lawsuit, they allege that the Laundries could have done more to help in the search for their daughter, but claim the parents chose to help protect Brian instead. In the filing, which PEOPLE obtained, the Petitos' lawyers wrote, "Christopher Laundrie and Roberta Laundrie exhibited extreme and outrageous conduct which constitutes behavior, under the circumstances, which goes beyond all possible bounds of decency and is regarded as shocking, atrocious, and utterly intolerable in a civilized community." In response to the initial filing, Laundrie family attorney Steven Bertolino wrote, "Assuming everything the Petitos allege in their lawsuit is true, which we deny, this lawsuit does not change the fact that the Laundries had no obligation to speak to law enforcement or any third-party including the Petito family. This fundamental legal principle renders the Petitos' claims baseless under the law."