How Much Will iPhone 11 Cost? Fans Speculate

As buzz swirls around the upcoming Apple event, many are wondering how much the rumored iPhone 11 will cost. Set to be held in Cupertino, California on Tuesday morning, early reports suggest that the long-awaited iPhone 11 will finally be announced, and it will feature a host of new features that are sure to cause a hike in price.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple will announce three new phones on Tuesday – the iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11R, and iPhone 11 Max – a “budget” successor to the iPhone XR, a midrange phone like the iPhoneXS, and a supersized version like the iPhone Pro XS Max.

The latest addition to the iPhone line-up will reportedly feature a three-eyed design, or three rear-facing lenses that will offer users a variety of ways to take photos. The iPhone 11 will also reportedly feature bilateral charging, CNet reports. Bilateral charging will allow iPhone users to “share some juice with other iPhones or the new AirPods.” It is also believed that the new iPhone will have larger batteries, which will presumably lead to a better battery life.

With all of the reported new features, and given the tendency for price hikes in the past, iPhone users are already preparing for a hefty price tag.

“Hopefully the price will be a lot lower than last years release if not expect to see the same struggling results,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Price of iphone higher of 1) price of your kidney 2) price of your heart,” another joked.

Thankfully, they will be surprised to learn that early reports suggest that they will not have to shell out any more money for the iPhone 11 than they did for its predecessor.

According to leaked documents, prices for the iPhone 11 will range from as low as $749 to as high as $1,299 depending on the amount of storage and the exact version of the phone.

Users will be able to score the iPhone 11 for $749 (64 GB), $799 (128 GB), or $899 (256 GB). The iPhone 11 Pro will reportedly retail at $99 (128 GB), $1,099 (256 GB), or $1,199 (512 GB). Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 Pro Max will have a price tag of $1,099 (128 GB), $1,199 (256 GB), or $1,299 (512 GB).

In addition to the announcement of iPhone 11, several more announcements are expected to be made at the Tuesday morning event. According to a report by CNN, Apple could potentially be set to announce a full line of new hardware, including MacBooks, iPads, Apple Watches, and more.


Apple is not expected to announce 5G capable devices, which Samsung is bringing to market later this year.

The Apple event begins at 1 p.m. ET. Apple will livestream the event live on YouTube. You can watch it by clicking here.