Aldi Stores Hiring Displaced Workers to Help Meet Demand Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As growing concern over the COVID-19 virus continues to escalate each day, so do employees being forced out of jobs due to temporary shutdowns as America makes effort to slow the deadly spread. Thankfully, because of the surge in food and supply sales, some companies are overwhelmed with how much they're having to work with the staff they have to meet the public's demand. Aldi and Costco are two stores in desperate need of temporary help since families across the country have rushed their way to purchase food and household items like cleaning supplies, so they're willing to hire on whoever will help!

Aldi posted, "Do you know someone temporarily out of work? Do you know someone home from college unexpectedly? We want to hire temporary employees to get immediate help."

Costco wrote, "As you are all aware; we are currently experiencing a monumental surge in our sales & food traffic in the warehouse. In response, we are opening up the seasonal hiring period to help us increase the size of our staff and ease the pressure through this busy period."

The note continued with, "If you know any great people who need temporary work during this time; please have them apply online and let a manager know. This is a great opportunity for students who have been sent home from college, folks who are in the service industry who have had their hours cut, and anyone else looking for a temporary job." Their announcement also included that their hiring process will be a fast one and they're looking to fill their staff immediately.

To apply for Aldi, click here and to apply for Costco, click here.


During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of business are forcing to change up their every day, whether it be shutting down completely, ramping up due to a high increase in traffic, or limiting customers on how they can purchase certain items. Amazon recently announced they are putting a hold on all non-essential items until April 5. Supplies such as household goods, cleaning brands, food, beauty care and pet supplies are all at the top of their list currently. Several fast food chains are still serving food but not allowing customers to walk inside, instead enforcing a drive-thru only policy. Walmart isn't shutting their doors completely but is shortening their hours to allow employees time to sanitize their store fully before a new herd of customers roll through.