75-Year-Old Chicago Woman Bonnie Taylor's Video Threatening to Beat 50-Year-Old's 'A—' for Mocking Severity of Coronavirus Pandemic Goes Viral

A 75-year-old Chicago woman has found viral fame for speaking up about coronavirus conspiracy theories on Facebook. Bonnie Taylor posted a video on Tuesday where she shared a story about an encounter she had at the grocery store. When she heard someone referring to COVID-19 as a "hoax," Taylor was prepared to "kick her bleach blond, 50-year-old ass."

Taylor filmed herself talking inside of her car on Tuesday, explaining that she had just left a grocery store in Chicago. While in there, she said she had to sidle past another woman in line. Because they came so close, Taylor showed how she lifted the collar of her jacket up to cover her nose and her mouth. When the other woman mocked her makeshift mask, Taylor almost lost it.

"She proceeded to yell at me and tell me I was crazy – what was wrong with me, that this was not a pandemic, this was a political hoax," Taylor said as if she could still hardly believe it. She added that the misinformed statement combined with the woman's tone got her "south-side Polish dander up."

"I should have just kept on walking and I said 'Well, if you're not afraid, then why don't you go to China and help people,' and she said 'Well god damn it, why don't you, b—,'" Taylor revealed. At that point, she said that she finally pulled herself away, saying: "Well, I would, but I have no money."

Taylor said that she knew how wrong this woman was firsthand, as her own daughter is currently working in hospitals amid the pandemic.

"But at that point, I had to walk away because I thought about my daughter working at hospitals trying to save lives with this pandemic," she said holding back tears. "And I thought, ya know, this woman has no idea that I'm almost 75, but I'm from Chicago and I will gladly tap her on the shoulder, and ask her to step outside, and proceed to kick her bleach blonde, 50-year-old ass."

Bonnie's video took off online, especially after it was re-posted by others. Chicago rapper Disco Ric shared the clip on Twitter, earning some appreciative ascent from other Chicago residents.

"Chi town Bonnie didn't make it to 75 by playing games. I got yo back Bonnie when we riding?" one person asked.

"She said don't get it twisted! I will buy these groceries and then bag you up right after!!" added another.

Even actress Patricia Arquette got in on the thread, tweeting: "I will back you up mama."


The Internet has been plagued with conspiracy theories about the coronavirus ever since the outbreak began, and officials are looking for ways to stop the spread of misinformation. Professional fact-checking outlets like Snopes are asking readers for additional support to combat this threat to public health.

Visit the CDC's website for the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic.