The Royal Family Website Accidentally Linked to a Chinese Adult Site

The royal family's official website suffered a serious slip-up this weekend when it linked to Chinese adult film website. The mistake was made on a web page promoting of Prince Harry's charitable efforts, and was supposed to link directly to that organization. Instead, it took viewers to an X-rated site.

The royal family has drawn a lot of admirers to its official website in recent months. Though minimalistic, the website is efficient and it is where the monarchy posts its most important announcements directly.

This latest link might have been a little too direct for many viewers. It was on a page that links to royal family members' official patronages. The link for the Welsh charity Dolen Cymru, which strives to help connect people with relevant health and educational resources.

"The Wales-Lesotho link began in 1985 and has developed educational links, wider young people's links, health, churches, women's organisations," the page reads.

The link itself went somewhere else, however. It took those who clicked to a pornographic website based in China, with over-sized ads for "live sex shows" and other X-rated material.

The link has now been fixed, and so far the royal family has not commented on the blunder. The Daily Mail reports that it has contacted Buckingham Palace through official channels and is awaiting a response. Presumably other journalists have done the same.

The royal family may be hoping to let the mistake slide by without comment, but social media has other plans. The story has stirred up a storm of laughing emojis on Twitter, where commentators are having a field day.

"Just when you thought you could walk away from the royal family while flipping them the finger... oops," one person wrote.

"Oops. Harry should sack his staff for that. Oh wait..." added another.

"You can't make this stuff up," remarked a third.


Prince Harry has a long history with Dolen Cymru, and has been a patron for years. According to The Daily Mail, he has previousl mentioned how he is "very proud to be associated" with the charity.

"The work that it does in assisting and encouraging organisations and individuals in Wales to establish contact and foster friendships with their counterparts in Lesotho is quite invaluable," he said. "I know from my own work in Lesotho just how important such links are and fully support Dolen Cymru in its great endeavours to develop contacts with organisations with common interests, such as my own Sentebale and to build upon the great understanding and co-operation that exists between the two nations."