6.4 Earthquake Rattles Los Angeles and Startles for Fourth of July

The largest Earthquake in decades has hit north of Los Angeles in the Searles Valley, measuring 6.4 in magnitude and giving plenty quite the shake for July 4th. The quake hit at around 10::33 a.m. in a remote valley around 100 miles away from Los Angeles.

Many online were quick to remark that it was the strongest earthquake they had felt in recent years, expressing shock online and to reporters once the news broke.

"I was in my kitchen trying to get some coffee and all the windows started rattling," Emma Gallegos told the Los Angeles Times. "It was just a little bit at first -- I thought something was going by, and then I realized all the windows were rattling. It was kind of a gentle roll and I felt two distinct waves."

Emergency services out of Los Angeles said they were aware of the major quake and urged citizens not to call 9-1-1 unless there were "injuries or other dangerous conditions." As of publication, there were no reported injuries or major damages as a result of the quake.

The LA Times adds that the quake was "slow and steady," lasting around 30 seconds and occurring deep below the ground at around 5 miles.

The quake is the strongest to hit the area since the 6.6 Northridge quake in 1994. Dozens were killed during that quake and it caused billions in damages, but also hit in the center of a populated area.

While it was indeed a strong earthquake, the feelings in most of Los Angeles and other parts of California that merely felt the shaking leaned towards humor.

On Twitter, most couldn't wait to make jokes about how the quake woke them up in the morning or gave them a tiny little wiggle.

"I’m at a theme park called Southern California riding an earthquake," Alan Spencer wrote on Twitter.

"That was probably the worst and longest one I've ever felt since living in LA," journalist Alisha Grauso added.

Others were quick to make jokes about how non-Californians were focused on panic, while longtimers felt the earthquake was just part of that SoCal life.

"Cheers to all you L.A. newbies!" one Californian wrote.


And a few others just wanted to capture some reactions.

If anything, it seems like most are OK following the quake and a true disaster was averted.


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