KFC Debuts Limited Edition Gravy-Scented Candle Ahead of Valentine's Day

Colonel Sanders wants the scent of gravy wafting through everyone’s home, and KFC has introduced the Gravy Candle to help complete his mission.

The chicken chain made the announcement earlier this week that it was introducing a limited-release of a gravy-scented candle that, according to the popular chain, contains “some of our infamous gravy.”

In a statement to This is Local London, a KFC spokesperson assured fans that the saucy goodness is not a dream and that KFC fans can “now fill your home with the incredible aroma of KFC gravy with this limited edited candle… it’s staggeringly nose stimulating.”

“Nothing beats the sweet, soulful aroma of KFC gravy. So this January, why not fill your home with Finger Lickin’ good vibes thanks to our limited edition KFC Gravy Candle,” an official description for the unusual candle reads.

“What an honor it was to create a candle with such a highly-beloved scent,” KFC’s trusted parfumier said in a press release. “Initially the different ingredients within the gravy were split into their constituent parts and fragrances matched to each. Then the scent was built component by component in the similar ratios as KFC’s iconic gravy. The artisanal approach to creating the candles was crucial to ensure the familiar and evocative aroma of gravy was perfectly captured.”

The candle is available to the first 230 fans in the U.K. who apply via the official website. Currently there is no word if Kentucky Fried Chicken plans to bring the savory scented candle across the pond to homes in the United States.

The gravy scented candle follows on the heels of another KFC aroma-infused item that launched just in time for the holidays – the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog.


Making its debut December, the fire log was described as “the perfect accessory for any winter gathering” and was said to smell exactly like the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices. The chain referenced a study reported in Psychology Today when warning fans that the fire long may trigger areas in the brain strongly linked to memory, making them feel as though they were sitting in a Kentucky Fried Chicken enjoying a meal.

The release of the 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog followed the release in 2017 of KFC chicken scented bath bombs. In the shape of a chicken leg, the bath bombs, rolled out in Japan, allowed a select number of customers to relax in a warm bath that smelled like 11 secret herbs and spices.