'Treasure Quest' Adventurers Makes Exciting Discovery in New Clip


'Treasure Quest' Adventurers Makes Exciting Discovery in New Clip

Dr. Pimple Popper Tackles Tough 'Skittles' Breakout

Dr. Pimple Popper shared a harrowing new video with fans on Saturday afternoon, showing part one of a gruesome operation.

Dr. Pimple Popper, also known as Dr. Sandra Lee, shared yet another up-close-and-personal clip of a dermatological operation on a Steatocstoma Multiplex. The video shows her squeezing, prodding, and cutting into the cysts and removing an enormous amount of puss.

As usual, the video splits the difference between gruesome footage and educational information on skincare and medical science.

"Steatocystoma Multiplex appear as multiple, uniform, yellow, cystic papules usually 2-6 mm diameter, located especially on upper anterior trunk, upper arms, axillae, and thighs," Lee explained in the video's description. "Majority of cases present with dermal lesions, but multiple subcutaneous masses looking like multiple lipomas can be present. Bumps usually appear in adolescence or early adulthood, probably because sebaceous activity is at its peak. Sometimes larger steatocystomas are prone to rupture and suppuration and can cause scarring and pain."

"Steatocytomas typically contain a syrup-like, yellowish, odorless, oily material," she went on. "If they are inflamed or infected by bacteria, they can develop a foul odor and can be a definite source of social isolation."

The doctor has amassed an enormous following online with her edu-tainment videos. Her work is a source of grim fascination for some. Lee herself says that her goal is to educate the population about skin care, skin health and the profession of dermatology. A surprising number of viewers find themselves hooked on her viral videos.

The videos may find life beyond the internet, as Dr. Lee will soon be appearing on a regular series on TLC. The network ran a special about Dr. Lee's work back in January, and as of March, decided to pick it up for a full-blown series. The show promises to return some time in 2018, though no exact date has been identified yet. However, the network has an open casting call for Lee's show on their website, posted at the beginning of March.


According to the post, TLC plans for the series to be similar to the special and the online content Lee is so well-known for. Viewers can watch Lee "poke, prod and squeeze in order to resolve some unusual cases, as well as transform the lives of her patients in the process."

The series will reportedly have more of a focus on the lives of the patients and how their relationship with their skin affects them on a day-to-day level. The concept is fertile ground for an examination of beauty standards and self-confidence. However, it will also maintain Lee's commitment to educating the public on her odd job.