Mom Gives Chilling Warning After Predator Tries to Follow Her Son Into Public Restroom

A mom is sharing an urgent warning after a predator attempted to force his way into the bathroom stall that her son was in.

In a chilling Facebook post, one mother in Tennessee is pleading with parents to educate their children about sexual predators and asking them to be more aware of their surroundings after a terrifying incident that happened while shopping at a Michael’s craft store.

Misty McDavid, the mother who shared her story on Facebook, says that she and her 10-year-old son, Luke, were shopping at the craft store when he had to use the restroom. Assuming that he would be fine using the restroom alone, she sent him to the bathroom in the store, but minutes later her son came out terrified.

“He returned in a few minutes with a horrible expression on his face. He said, ‘Mom I just got really scared the worst I have ever been.’ I asked why. He said that a man tried to get in the bathroom with him. I asked maybe if the man was just pulling the door to see if the stall was open. He said, ‘No mom, he jerked and jerked on the door trying to get in,’” McDavid writes in her Facebook post, according to For Every Mommy.

While her son was able to identify the man by the muddy black workboats he had been wearing, when McDavid found him still shopping inside of the craft store, she said that she froze and was unable to confront him, just as her son had frozen and forgotten what he had been taught should he be approached by a predator.

“There’s a real good chance you or your children won’t respond in the way you’ve been trained, but I still believe training needs to be given. Luke and I will enter self-defense classes. I will not ever let him go to the bathroom alone again. It’s awkward to take a 10-year-old to the ladies room. I don’t care. I have a friend who says she opens the door to the men’s room and stands in the doorway while her son goes. Do something,” her Facebook post continues.


McDavid’s post has been met by dozens of comments from other parents thanking her for opening their eyes to the dangers that they never really thought existed.

For now, however, McDavid says that she is just “thankful for God's protection that day.”