8-Year-Old Sells Paintings to Get a Diabetic Alert Dog

All 8-year-old Emma Brussell wanted for Christmas was a diabetic alert dog to help her with her Type 1 diabetes.

Santa, unfortunately, couldn’t afford the $15,000 to pay for the dog. So Brussell took matters into her own hands. She began to paint her own pictures and a sell her artwork along the way.

“I decided, ‘Hey, I’m good at art, why don’t I sell my paintings?’” Brussel says. “I think of a painting, and then I paint.”

After selling just a couple pieces of work, an anonymous donor donated the rest of the money she needed to get the dog. Her mother, Kelly, was shocked and told ABC she couldn’t believe it.

“I couldn’t believe that someone was just wanting to help my daughter like that,” she said of the mysterious money donation. Brussell still has some paintings up for sale and any money raised will go towards the dog’s veterinary care.


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