College Student Wore a Shoe Lace as a Choker and Fooled Everyone

The choker trend is blowing up right now and that means it can be an expensive habit to maintain, but this college student found a work-around so she could rock the trend without breaking the bank.

She used a simple black Nike shoelace tied in a bow and somehow fooled everyone.

“It’s a funny trend and some people look so good in them, but it’s not something I want to spend money on,” she told BuzzFeed of her decision to go the discount route.

She never expected it to be such a hit with her friends.

“People though kept complimenting me on it,” she said. “A girl in the bathroom stopped washing her hands to say how much she loved my choker.”

Strangers even came up to her to compliment her fashion choice.

“I was pretty sure everyone would just wonder why I was wearing a shoelace, but only one person noticed the entire night,” she said.


While she's happy the look worked for a night out, she doesn't plan to make it a wardrobe staple.

“I see so many people spend a good amount of money on necklaces like this, and I thought it was funny that mine was free and got so many compliments,” she said. “I might wear it again just for fun, but I might also retire it,” she said. “I do need to wear that shoe after all.”