YouTube Series Returns After Extended Hiatus

A beloved YouTube show returned from hiatus last week and has already dropped two new episodes. Overboard, Polygon's humourous card and board game show, is back in action after a hiatus that has seen the show be MIA all of 2022. The show's last episode aired on Dec. 15 and featured four Polygon staff members playing a one-off Dungeons and Dragons campaign with The Witcher star Joey Batey. That episode, like all Overboard episodes released since the pandemic began, was produced virtually. However, the new episode, released July 6, sees the Polygon crew reunited in person.

The new episode, entitled "Let's play Clay-O-Rama!," features — as the title suggests, featured the Polygon team play Clay-o-Rama, a relatively obscure DnD variant from 1987. The gamemaster, Jenna Stoeber, leads a trio of clay adventurers — helmed by Simone de Rochefort, Patrick Gill and XTINA GG — who come to life, navigate precarious passages and battle enemies. The team went the extra mile for this Overboard episode, creating a cardboard labyrinth for the sculpted characters to travel through and even whipping up a Jell-O blob to represent a major enemy.

This video, which also featured behind-the-scenes contributions from Clayton Ashley and Tara Long, was part of Polygon Summer Camp, the publication's special Target-sponsored project curating articles and videos themed around an idealized summer camp. The Clay-o-Rama video is housed in the AV Club section, as is a second Overboard episode for fans. 

This second episode — which is extra special for fans given Overboard's typical monthly release schedule — is a bit of a departure for the show. Instead of a board game or card game, the crew heads outside to play Kan Jam, the frisbee-based yard game. Despite the switch-up, it's just as fun as the show's typical installments.


All past Overboard episodes are available for free via Polygon's YouTube channel. The full playlist of episodes can be found here. We recommend installments where the ensemble plays A Fake Artist Goes to New York and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, but there really aren't any bad places to start. For those who prefer Polygon's video game content, the virtual era featured various party games, including Jack Box Party Pack 8 and the Houseparty version of Uno.